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What I’m Jamming To: Sparky’s Dream

18 Mar

Eating for lunch, Teenage Fanclub is on. Life is good.

What I’m Jamming To: L.A. Girlz

11 Mar

Really loving the newest Weezer single and its quirky, charming video. From the sounds of things, it looks like we may be getting a pretty neat “missing link” type album between the Blue Album and Pinkerton.

What I’m Jamming To: Eagle Rock

6 Mar

Dug up this 1971 hit from Australia by Daddy Cool. What a perfect rock tune, no?

What I’m Jamming To: Rock n Roll Love Letter

23 May

Really digging this power-pop anthem from 1974 from Temple-alum Tim Moore. Moore played drums in the first band to feature Todd Rundgren, Woody’s Truck Stop and played in a group called The Muffins before becoming a singer/songwriter. Moore’s “Rock N Roll Love Letter” would become his most well known song and the Bay City Roller’s version of the song would go number 1 in Canada. This all-time power pop classic features some tasty licks, all performed by Moore.

What I’m Jamming To: April 25, 2012

25 Apr

Heard this tune today at Retro Fitness – North Wales. These guys are relatively local, from Westfield, NJ, and pack a powerful punch. Their major label debut “If You’re Young” was released last August and it’s gaining some traction, with some spins on MTV (it still exists) and satellite radio.

What I’m Jamming To: July 19, 2011

19 Jul

Wally Bryson is one of my favorite guitarists ever. He’s got a great sense of timing and a terrific, whimsically-bright sound that can change on a dime to a much harder, driving edge. The way he navigates the guitar makes him perhaps the penultimate 70’s power pop guitarist. After the Raspberries dissolved, Bryson teamed up with members of the Rascals to form Fotomaker. “Can I Please Have Some More” is one of their signature songs off of their first record, 1978’s self-titled effort.

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“Starry Eyes” – The Records

“Another Girl, Another Planet” – The Only Ones

“Girlfriend” – Matthew Sweet

“So It Goes” – Nick Lowe

“Welcome to the Working Week” – Elvis Costello

“Who Listens to the Radio” – The Sports

What I’m Jamming To: July 8, 2011

8 Jul

“Garageland” by The Clash is a pretty hip track off of their self-titled debut album that concludes their critically acclaimed first album. The song appears to be a reflection of the rising interest in the group as they made a name for themselves and the challenges of building and maintaining an identity that truly represented themselves while signing with a major label. It is my favorite tune off of their first album.

If you liked this jam, you may like the following similar jams I’ve been jamming to:

“Blank Generation” – Richard Hell and the Voidoids

“Have Love, Will Travel” – The Sonics

“Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” – Squeeze

“Personality Crisis” – The New York Dolls

“Metal Guru” – T. Rex

“Another Girl, Another Planet” – The Only Ones

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