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Saw This Today: May 26, 2011

26 May

Bravo, Saxby’s – Lansdale. Bravo.

Saw This Today: February 16, 2011

16 Feb

This eBay auction literally caught fire with bidders and media coverage. Yes, that’s a used TI-83. Yes, it just sold for $56.00.

Saw This Today: February 7, 2011

7 Feb

Working for America’s largest off-price retailer has its perks like having dibs on the best merchandise when it comes through the door. You also see some fun stuff, like shoes called “Treasure Pirates” in Serpent PU material.

Saw This Today: January 8, 2011

8 Jan

Came home from work today to find that someone had “accidentally” ordered this through the drive through. How does one “accidentally” order 50 nuggets?

Saw This Today: November 11, 2010

11 Nov

My buddy Paul found this on the side of a box at America’s largest discount retailer that contained candles. Don’t even think about putting fish in there.

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