The First Promo

16 Jan

Hey everyone – this is the first promo for the new project I’m working on with Fire Rock Productions. The folks in the video, myself included, have been challenged to change local television. Can they do it?!


How “Philly” is Tony Luke?

13 May

I had the pleasure of interviewing the always-fun Tony Luke Jr. for Phillies Nation TV. We had some extra time so we found out how “Philly” is Tony Luke Jr.!

The full interview, about five minutes in length, will air May 21, 2013 at 6 PM on the Comcast Network!


How “Philly” is Marc Summers?

26 Apr

I had the pleasure of interviewing TV star Marc Summers for Phillies Nation TV and we had some fun, shooting a promo of some impromptu, fast-paced questions with Marc. It was a blast!

From YouTube: – Marc Summers sits down with Ian Riccaboni of Phillies Nation in a preview of next week’s episode of Phillies Nation TV. Ian grills Marc on Philly-related questions to see in fact just “How Philly is Marc Summers???”


How the Phillies Have Enough Money to Compete in Hamilton Sweepsteaks

10 Dec

Originally posted this morning at Phillies Nation:

How the Phillies Have Enough Money to Compete in Hamilton Sweepsteaks

Many of the questions submitted for the PN Mailbag focused primarily on the likelihood or the ability of the Phillies to sign Josh Hamilton. Often times, it’s easier just to explain something like that with pictures. Keep in mind, this is not a ringing endorsement or anything of the like, just a nice flowchart showing that yes, the Phillies do have $21.5 million in AAV available for 2013. Thanks to my colleague Corey Seidman for crunching these numbers in his fantastic article from Thursday, which has even further explanation as to how the Phillies are this far under the luxury tax threshold. Click on the flowchart to make it larger.

Six Star Protein – Not Very Tasty

20 Sep


Six Star Whey Protein Does Not Pass the Taste Test.

The nutrition market is filled with tens of hundreds of different protein brands, all proclaiming their advantages over the others. I, like millions of other Americans who cannot stomach eating the necessary quantities of chicken and/or tuna, turn to protein to help maintain physical gains made while exercising.

Some brands promote the amount of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that aid in muscle growth while others promote their low-caloric content. Six Star promoted that it had 52 grams of protein per serving, two scoops, which is definitely on the higher end of most proteins.

What they don’t tell you is that that the scoops are: 1.) Gigantic and 2.) Have very little flavor. I mix my protein with water and usually pick one of two can’t-mess-it-up flavors: chocolate or strawberry. Optimum Nutrition’s All-Natural Chocolate, despite having no artificial flavors, tasted wonderful and mixed well with water, bananas, coffee, and/or peanut butter. Six Star did not – mixing it with water led to a very watery taste, whether with 12 or 16 ounces. The only difference was the 12 ounce attempts were thicker but lacked any taste.

Recommendation to avoid – the low price tag does not make up for the lack of taste and middling nutritional value.

Can’t Believe I Saw This – Old School Arby’s Neon Sign

15 Sep

When I Googled where the nearest Arby’s was in relation to my house, I groaned when the ETA said 20+ minutes. Little did I know the treasure I would find. Food was delicious, went with the Arby Melt as Eat This, Not That recommends. Couldn’t avoid the delicious potato cakes, however.

It’s beautiful – the original Arby’s neon cowboy hat. Located in Trevose, PA on Street Road.

Phillies Nation TV Episode 21: Deal or No Deal

24 Jul

For the second week in a row, I join my partners in baseball banter Pat Gallen, Corey Seidman, and Jay Floyd to discuss the 2012 Phillies Trade deadline moves on Episode 21 of Phillies Nation TV!


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